Yoon Eun hyes ageny denies any possibility of past relationship with Kim Jong kook

Yoon Eun-hye’s ageny denies any possibility of past relationship with Kim Jong-kook

South Korean actress, model, singer and entertainer Yoon Eun-hye was born on October, 1984. She started her career at the age of fifteen in the girl group ‘Baby V.O.X’ and stayed for six years.

Yoon as the sub vocal in that group and she helped them releasing their third album titled ‘Come, Come, Come’.

This great album along with their two single album ‘Killer’ and ‘Get Up’ helped the group to raise their fame and get place in Korean music charts.

But, unfortunately, Yoon Eun-hye became the target of an anti-fan of ‘Baby V.O.X’ and got shot in the eye with water gun loaded with vinegar and soy sauce. After getting admitted in the hospital doctor confirmed her cornea damage.

Later, in 2005 she left the group leaving place to a new member. In next year 2006, she started her acting career by starring in ‘Princess Hours’, where she played the role of a very ordinary girl who got the place of crown princess after getting married with the crown prince.

Recently, there has been a rumor of past relationship of Yoon with Kim Jong-kook. But, her agency ruled out of any possibility of such news.

Though, audiences referred to a previously uploaded video by Yoon, the agency had told the ex-boyfriend was not Kim and the video clip was a coincidence.


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