Upcoming ‘1000 Won Lawyer is the New Friday Saturday Law Drama

Upcoming 1000 Won Lawyer is the New Friday-Saturday Law Drama

Law related dramas are always popular to the audiences who love thrilling stories. Namgoong Min and Kim Ji Eun will jointly star in a law drama.

The plot is very much interesting, where a troublemaker lawyer Cheon Ji Hoon looks for the riches who try to escape lawyers and law.

He charges only 1000 won and delivers satisfactory result. Namgoong will portray the role of Cheon Ji Hoon, an economical lawyer for people. Only 1000 won is needed to get his service.

Director chose Namgoong Min for this special drama after being impressed watching ‘Doctor Prisoner’, ‘The Veil’, ‘Stove League’ and ‘Good Manger’. At the SBS Drama Awards 2020 Namgoong won the Grand Prize.

Kim Ji Eun will portray the role of Baek Ma Ri, who wants to become a prosecutor and a student of Judicial Research and Training Institute.

As she is from a royal family, she cherishes the dream of bright future having superb qualification. But, all of her thoughts become upside down after meeting Cheon Ji Hoon.

Choi Dae Hoon will play the role of prosecutor Seo Min Hyuk, a person from judicial circle. Lee Deok Hwa will be Baek’s grandfather and owner of a large law firm.

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