The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea

Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi is a multi-talented Korean actor, singer and model. Directors always look for him to make the most desirable television series.

He always looks fabulous in historical clothes and when acting in historical dramas people get a feel like history is coming back to life again.

His debut in a very unusual historical television program name The King and The Clown brought fortune to him and made him popular.

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022 - Lee Joon Gi

Though he appeared as a clown there, but he should be thankful to his acting skill that helped him boosting his reputation.

Lee Joon Gi played a homosexual role so nicely that audiences accepted that very well. After this he continued playing in masculine role just to avoid stereotyping.

Gunman in Joseon is very famous K-drama, where Lee Joon Gi played the lead role as a cheery swordsman.

This drama has a revenge type story, where the hero tends to avenge his father death and set free his sister from captivity. His ‘flower boy’ image couldn’t be a hindrance against his distinctive performance.

Lee Jong Suk

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022 - Lee Jong Suk

He started his career as a runway model and later Lee Jong Suk became one of the most desired Korean actors. He started modeling career at the age of fifteen and some think him to be the youngest Korean to start modeling.

After switching to Television acting, ‘School 2013’ was a great fortune for him that brought real fame and acting award. In, ‘Pinochio’, Lee Jong Suk acted as lead character and showed how difficult can be one’s life bearing childhood trauma.

This series was very much entertaining where people can see someone is having hiccups while telling lies.

Song Joong Ki

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022 - Song Joong Ki

Among the Korean actors Song Joong Ki is immensely popular in Asia. Television shows ‘Running Man’ and drama ‘Sungkyunwan Scandal’ acted as a catalyst to bring a breakthrough and make him famous. ‘The Innocent Man’ is a melodrama where Song got the leading role for the first time.

His biggest hit was ‘A Werewolf Boy’ and also in the title character.

For some time Song Joong Ki was in the military service and after completing that he got leading role in ‘Descendants of the Sun’, which was globally hit K-drama.

Ji Chang Wook

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022 - Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook got leading role in the famous drama series ‘Smile Again’ after playing great dramas like ‘Empress Ki’, ‘Dong Soo’ and ‘Warrier Baek’.

To mention his some other famous series these names must come: ‘The K2’, ‘Healer’ and ‘Suspicious Partner’. ‘Empress Ki’ was a historical drama that helped to make a step forward in Ji Chang Wook’s career.

As an emperor of Yuan dynasty Ji portrayed so perfectly and left such an impression people can’t forget so easily. ‘Healer’ was a popular action thriller where Ji Chang Wook played the role of a mysterious guy. Ji took martial arts lessons to perform better is the drama. ‘Healer’ made him famous beyond the country border. He even got chances to play in Mandarin dramas.

Lee Min Ho

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022 - Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is popular in both Korea and China. In some other countries of the world his popularity extended too.

‘Boys Over Flowers’ was great hit in his career and paved his way to a bright future. He was marked as a Hallyu Star for all of his success throughout the career.

His heading roles in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, ‘The Heirs’, ‘City Hunters’ and ‘Gangnam Blues’ will make people remember him longtime. ‘Bounty Hunters’ was a Chinese film produced in China where Lee Min Ho starred an important role.

Kim Soo Hyun

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022) - Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun started his career at 19, who later become a world famous Korean star. In recent times, he is one of the most expensive, wanted and popular celebrity in the industry. In the drama ‘Dream High’ he starred as country guy and later turned out as a musical genius.

His fame touched the sky and made him rate a Hallyu star after playing the role of an alien professor in ‘My Love From the Star’. ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’ are ‘The Man who came from the Star’ two of his exceptionally famous drama.

Park Bo Gum

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022 - Park Bo Gum

Celebrities who get popularity in Korea with K-pop and K-dramas are marked as Hallyu star. Park Bo Gum is a real Hallyu star and was called ‘Nation’s Crown prince’ after he played in ‘Love in the Moonlight’. He played in various dramas in diversified roles that helped him getting high popularity.

In ‘Love in the Moonlight’ he fell in love with a girl who was portraying as a male eunuch. ‘Hello Monster’ is a dark crime drama where Park Bo Gum got attached with a serial killer and became a crime profiler.

Lee Sung Kyung

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022 - Lee Sung Kyung

‘Okay, That’s Love’ was the first series for Lee Sung Kyung as a debut that made her celebrity overnight. She had no plan for acting on television series. But, the director was in search of fresh faces and found her instagram page. Lee was chosen for the role of a school student and after this successful project she had many offers for acting. ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’, ‘Doctor Crush’ and ‘Cheese in the Trap’ are some of her remarkable television projects.

Park Bo Young

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022 - Park Bo Young

‘Strong Woman Bong Soon’, ‘On Your Wedding Day’, ‘Oh My Ghost’, ‘Scandal Makers’ and A werewolf Boy are some hit projects of Park Bo Young for which everyone came to know her as a promising actress.

After landing in drama land at the age of sixteen, she became one of the most popular and beloved actresses. Park Bo Young used to get so many offers that she couldn’t peacefully chose the good option and most of the time discovered herself in puzzling situation.

Kim Yoo Jung

The Most Popular Celebrity in Korea (2022 - Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung was commonly known as the most successful child actress in all over South Korea. Her performance in ‘Angry Mom’, ‘May Queen’ and ‘Dong Yi’ in teen roles paved her way to star in adult position. In ‘Love in the Moonlight’ she acted as adult and in lead role.

Usually child actresses fail to get transition in adult roles, but Kim Yoo Jung successfully made this achievement. ‘Clean with passion for new’ and ‘Moon embracing the Sun’ are two of her popular dramas.

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