Song Joong Ki has Confirmed to Be Dating a Non Celebrity Woman

Song Joong Ki has Confirmed to Be Dating a Non-Celebrity Woman

Song Joong Ki and his agency reportedly confirmed that the alleged actor has been dating a non-celebrity British woman.

On December 26, 2022, the agency HighZium Studio stated that the actor Song Joong Ki is currently seeing a non-celebrity woman with positive feelings and sought best wishes for the new couple.

The agency also added to the request for everyone to look up warmly to their relationship. They proceed to add and ask for everyone’s understanding regarding the fact that they can not confirm any kind of information other than the fact that the actor and his non-celebrity British girlfriend are dating.

The agency also proceed to ask to not publish any kind of ungrounded speculative or unconfirmed other reports and will be grateful if everyone will refrain to do so.

Earlier before this information was announced, it was also reported that Song Joong Ki made it official and introduced his non-celebrity girlfriend to the staff members at the media conference that was held on December 7th in Singapore.

It was also reported that Song Joong Ki and the alleged non-celebrity girlfriend met through a mutual friend last year.


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