The Innocent Woman

The Innocent Woman (2007)

Rating: 10 from 1 viewer.

  • Native Title: 착한여자 백일홍
  • Released: 2007/10/01
  • Episode: 174
  • Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Country: South Korea
  • Maturity Rating: Not Yet Rated

Korean society is increasingly becoming matrilineal, with more women holding a high social status, record-low birthrates and a shift of the leadership role in family from husband to wife and from the paternal side to the maternal one. This drama introduces a new family type that centers on women. Its main character — a widow — wins the battle against social prejudice. People blame her strong personality for her husband’s death but she proves to them that women who go through the pain of losing their husbands gain a more profound understanding of life and can better understand the pain of others. The drama shows that women who go through an ordeal have the ability to embrace other people in pain even in the face of prejudice and forgive those who hurt them.

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