Jeong Do Jeon

Jeong Do Jeon (2014)

Rating: 10 from 1 viewer.

  • Native Title: 정도전
  • Released: 2014/01/04
  • Episode: 50
  • Schedule: Saturday, Sunday
  • Runtime: 50 min.
  • Country: South Korea
  • Maturity Rating: Not Yet Rated

In the late 14th c, Goryeo. Abuse of power and corruption made people leave the government offices and only the corrupted people are left in the high offices. When there seems to be no hope, there are a group of young people who values the meaning of scholar heavily. They are the Sungkyunkwan scholars who have dreams to bring peace to the world and they were the hope of Goryeo. Sambong Jung Do Jun is one of them. He believed that the old corrupted government should be destroyed and the destiny of scholars is to build an idealistic country.

(Source: KBS World)

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    • Jo Jae Wan (1979)
    • Min Moo Goo [Min Je's eldest son / Lady Min's younger brother]
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