Kim Sae Ron Talks About Future Acting Plan

Kim Sae Ron Talks About Future Acting Plan

South Korean actress kim sae-ron was born on July 31, 2000. She started her acting career at very early age of nine years. ‘The Man From Nowhere (2010)’ and ‘A Brand New Life (2009)’ are two of her early age films that made her famous.

A brand New Life’ was about a nine years old girl and her destitute life. Her father abandoned her after he remarries. Then a French couple came and adopted her.

Kim was the youngest actress to get invitation in the Cannes Film festival for this film.

As soon as she reached her teenage, she started to star in leading roles. Kim Sae-ron has two sisters and they are also actress.

She started her study in Elementary School in Seoul and then went to Yang-il Middle School in Ilsan for graduation and after that Chung-Ang University, in the Department of Performing Arts and Film Studies. Recently on May 23, her new drama ‘Hunting Dogs’ has come to talk in the showbiz media.

Netflix has confirmed that most of Kim’s scenes are completed, but she won’t be available in the scheduled filming. Netflix’s representative also said that the production is running in full swing, so the release date will be announced later.