Jung Ryeo Won Will Play in a Drama About Married Couple 1

Jung Ryeo Won Will Play in a Drama About Married Couple

South Korean actress Jung Ryeo-won was born on January 21, 1981, who started her career as a singer. ‘My Name Is Kim Sam-soon’ is her first renowned television series that brought her fame.

Jung was a member of girl group Chakra, where she used sing songs for entertaining the audience.

Recently, Jung received an offer to star in a drama titled ‘The Married Couple is Jobless’, where the couples will resign from their jobs to enjoy the life. In 1982, Jung Ryeo-won immigrated to Brisbane, Australia along with her parents.

There she faced discrimination because of her lacking in English language. Later she determined to become fluent in English language. By the time of completing junior high school she got adopted to Australian life style.

She completed he graduation from Griffith University with major in International Business. In the drama ‘Love and War’ she portrayed the role of a teacher who stayed in a small South Korean village. In 2012, Jung starred in a series titled ‘History of a Salaryman’ where her role was very unusual.

Critics and viewers praised her acting very much. Her romantic comedy ‘Never Ending Story’ was also popular, where the two leading characters were diagnosed with terminal diseases.

They decided to stay the rest of their life together.


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