IU and Lee Jong Suk dating rumors CONFIRMED

IU and Lee Jong Suk dating rumors CONFIRMED

There have been a lot of rumors going on regarding the famous singer IU and one of the most famous actors Lee Jong Suk who have been dating. This rumor has been reported and confirmed by both celebrity agencies that it is indeed true that IU and Lee Jong Suk are officially dating.

On December 31, hours after the initial report by media outlet ‘Dispatch’, Lee Jong Suk’s agency HighZium Studio stated that they would like to share their official position regarding the exclusive reports that are going on regarding their star Lee Jong Suk.

They proceed on to state that their actor Lee Jong Suk recently developed his relationship with IU from a close friend relationship to a loving relationship and the two continue to seriously meet each other.

They also added to ask for everyone’s support for the two actor’s relationship so that they can continue their beautiful loving relationship. Lee Jong Suk’s agency also confirmed that IU and Lee Jong Suk are dating for about four months.

After Lee Jong Suk’s agency HighZium Studio’s statement regarding the two-stars dating, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment has also officially confirmed that these reports are indeed facts.

They also stated that Lee Jong Suk and IU have been colleagues for a long time and their relationship has developed into lovers. They also ask the fans for their warm support for the couple.

According to Lee Jong Suk’s speech at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards, he had fear, worries, and other problems after he finished his military service. Back then, there is someone who helped him move in a good direction and gave him positivity.

He wanted to talk about this person using this chance. He then proceeds to say that he is very thankful that this person is amazing and wanted to say that he respected this person for a very long time.

He continued to explain that when he sees this person, it comes up to his mind that he should have lived better, that he should have been a better person. He also ends up reflecting that he should have done better in the past.

He now has this mindset to work harder to become a better person in the future. And he thinks that he can use this huge award as a motivation for a long time moving forward. He will also be working hard to become a good actor, he added.

The two lovers were also seen traveling and spending holidays in Japan. It was reported that Lee Jong Suk left for Osaka, Japan on December 20 for a fan meeting. IU then left for Nagoya directly on December 24 with her young brother.

Lee Jong Suk reported that he arranged the entire trip including personally inviting IU’s brother and traveling to Japan by himself.

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